Ep. 27 Psychic Abilities, Mental Health Healing, and Heart Centered Manifestation w/ Carly Pearce of Miss Intuition

In this mystical guest episode, Emily interviews Carly Pearce of Miss Intuition from Ontario, Canada, who embarked on her spiritual journey early in life as a natural seer and intuitive. Despite struggling with major depression from a young age, she managed to reawaken her intuitive abilities through self-healing. Now, Carly serves as an energy healer and medium for the higher realms, dedicating her life to helping souls seeking healing through spirituality. Her offerings include transformative energy healing sessions and engaging spiritual growth online courses, varying in mystical topics! Carly is deeply grateful for the meaningful healing work she has the privilege of doing in this lifetime and for all the souls she can help heal. In this episode, we dive into Carly’s journey navigating depression, anxiety, and her mental health and how her spiritual awakening helped her heal and led her down a path to discovering her psychic gifts and mediumship abilities, You’ll hear some of Carly’s earliest experiences and memories as a very intuitive child, and how her gifts continued to open up as an adult. She shares lots of tips and guidance for honing your own gifts, and unlocking your own channeling abilities. We dive into Carly’s thoughts on manifestation and how Carly perceives and understands the universe as a “seer.” This episode goes deep and covers lots of advice and guidance for aspiring intuitives and those on a mental health journey, you don’t want to miss out!


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