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Hey there!

I'm Emily

Intuitive and Spiritual Life Coach. Quantum Energy Healer. Akashic Records Expert Practitioner + Teacher. Psychic Development Coach. 
Emily the Mystic spiritual healer

Hey there!

I'm Emily

Intuitive and Spiritual Life Coach. Quantum Energy Healer. Akashic Records Master Consultant. Psychic Development Coach.

My name is Emily (my friends call me Em) and I’m 30 years old! I live in Philadelphia, PA. In fact, I have spent most of my life here in Pennsylvania (I am originally from outside of Harrisburg, PA!), but I briefly lived in Paris, France, for 6 months when I studied abroad in college. I attended Temple University and graduated in 2016 with a degree in Marketing & Business. After college, I was a retail buyer in the home décor world for a major retailer for over 4 years. I have always been an extremely creative and aesthetically driven person, and I love to make my home & my surroundings an especially cozy and inviting place to live in! As a Pisces sun, Taurus Rising, and Gemini moon, this 100% makes sense for me and my personality.

While I was growing up, I was obsessed with all things mystical and supernatural. I would spend long hours at Barnes & Noble with my mom, in the New Age aisle, soaking up everything I could possible read about these topics: being psychic, reading auras, the Law of Attraction, tarot, astrology, and more. My dad would buy me crystals from the science museum gift shop near where his office was located. Those mystical interests never really left me! Early on in 2020, I began having a series of spiritual experiences and connections to the other side. As my psychic gifts really began unfolding, I scheduled a reading with a popular shaman named Monica Lawson. During my reading, Monica said, “do you realize you can speak to the other side?” … and I just about died on the spot. Sure I was having spiritual experiences, but I didn’t realize just how deeply connected I am to the spirit world. The universe led me to a medium named Alison Shine, and through Alison’s Spirit Circles, I learned & developed my mediumship skills alongside other newbie mediums. I began offering readings through my social media platforms, and the rest is history! Now, I offer a variety of healing modalities including: psychic mediumship, Akashic Records Readings, quantum energy healing, past life regression, and more!

Emily Logan Mystic Healer

Outside of my work as a spiritual teacher, I live a very fun and playful lifestyle! My partner and I spend our weekends going to the beach (during the summer season), checking out new restaurants, going to concerts and music festivals, and taking the occasional wine tasting trip! I absolutely love everything creative. When it comes to music, I am obsessed with electronic dance music, bass music, and house music. I also love getting my hands on any DIY and crafty projects, painting, embroidery, and interior decorating.

You'll find that my energy and zest for life is absolutely contagious and magnetic. When you have a reading with me, you'll feel like you're having a cup of tea with an old friend who you've known your whole life.


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FAVORITE TRAVEL SPOT: Paris, France & the Jersey Shore Beaches

CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT: My boyfriend of 8 years, Jack!


BEST ADVICE: Learn to listen to your soul, they know the best advice to give you!


SECRET TALENT: Selecting a delicious bottle of wine that everyone will love

Emily wants you to know... 

We all create our own reality. Your surroundings and situation right now are a reflection of your thoughts and how you see yourself. It all starts from inside. Want that dream job? Learn to love yourself first. Want to meet your dream partner? Learn to love yourself first. Want to travel the world? Learn to love yourself first. Seeing a pattern? It all starts with you. If life is treating you poorly, take a look at how you’re treating yourself. The world isn’t against you. You are against you.

Fall in love with yourself first and the rest will fall into place.

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