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As a certified Soul Journeys® Method Trauma-Informed Akashic Records Master Consultant & Teacher, I can’t wait to take you on a divine journey to discover the Book of Your Soul as you learn to read the Akashic Records.  The Soul Journeys® School for Spiritual Studies and the Soul Journeys® Method of Akashic Record Consultations were created by Jennifer Longmore after she spent many years facilitating over 20,000 multidimensional healings through various sacred tools, including the Akashic Records. 

After working with Jennifer 1 on 1 for several months, and experiencing incredible shifts in my own life (including leaving my corporate job to start a spiritual business), I decided that it was my turn to learn the magic of the Akashic Records for myself. Within a year of my Akashic Records Master Consultancy Training, I created a thriving 6 figure spiritual business, found deep healing in both my soul and in my body, fostered my long-term relationship, and met incredible new friendships that will last a lifetime. I have also facilitated hundreds of hours of Akashic Records Readings for clients whose results have been nothing short of miraculous.

Now, I can’t wait to share this method with you! I am excited to announce this exclusive opportunity to participate in the Soul Journeys® Method Akashic Record Certification Program with me as your teacher. You will learn not only how to access your own Record, but also gain Certification towards becoming an Akashic Record Teacher & Consultant so that you can BE in your greatness and share who you are with others!

The Soul Journeys® Akashic Record Certification Program has three levels:


LEVEL 1: This is a miracle-rich, 12 hour live training designed to teach you how to instantly access your own Record, while in the comfort of your home, so that you can access limitless divine guidance and healing around such topics as:


  • The power of the Akashic Records and the infinite nature of the soul
  • How to confidently access your Records and gain crystal clarity about how you receive your divine messages and how to best integrate this wisdom into your everyday life
  • How to clear any limiting patterns and energy blocks that hold you back from BE-ing all that you are
  • How to activate all of your divine gifts and co-creative abilities so that you can thrive in your greatness
  • How to align to your soul’s purpose so that you can fully enJOY your most abundant, expansive, and enlightened path!
  • How to accelerate your soul’s mastery and so much more 


LEVEL 2: This 14 hour training will teach you how to access the Records of others. The Level 1 Self-Study System is a prerequisite before you can continue on to Level 2 or 3


LEVEL 3: This 14 hour training further instruction teaches you how to facilitate deep healing for others in their Records.


**Note- All 3 levels, plus a certain number of hours of practice are necessary to certify as a Consultant or Teacher through the Soul Journeys® Method


If you are desiring to learn more about the Soul Journeys® Method, you can read more about it here:


You can read my Consultant bio on the website here:


Alexandra Mandato

"Working with Emily for my first akashic reading was absolutely amazing! She is extremely gifted and such a kind soul. The experience was life changing for me and has absolutely pushed me on my path forward in a beautiful new way. Emily took me to a past life that was greatly impacting my life today and healed the trauma I was holding from that lifetime. I connected so deeply with that lifetime and felt like she took me right back to it. Since our session so much has shifted in my life. After our session I felt shifts in my energy immediately, but truly over the following months. I am in a much better place today than I was when we had our session. I am now having more courage to speak my truth and move forward towards my life path as a spiritual being and healer. I am looking forward to working with Emily in the future and know I will continue to go to her to continue to move forward on my spiritual path!! Emily is absolutely amazing!!"

Stefanie Kuonen

"I recently came across the Akashic Records in a documentary. It spiked my curiosity and led me to my first reading with Emily. Emily was absolutely wonderful! She explained the process, answered all my questions, and made me feel comfortable throughout our session. I received some profound insights on my purpose, future, and things holding me back. With Emily's guidance, we cut some cords and healed some deep issues. I actually felt different afterward. It’s incredible how quickly she got to the root of my problem, better than months of therapy!! I can't wait for my next reading!"

Erica Peters

"I worked with Emily within her Akashic Records Activation sessions and they were truly so amazing and beyond helpful. In each session, we went deep into a different area of my life and identified what parts of my past, my past lives, or my current mindset were holding me back and then we did the work to help clear those out! The Akashic Records really are the most fascinating tool and Emily is always so spot on in her readings. These sessions not only helped me better understand myself and my journey, but it helped me feel better about myself and my journey. After each session with Emily, I felt more confident and capable and ready to manifest more dreams! Emily is so sweet and having a reading with her feels like talking to a longtime friend. Going into my Akashic records with Emily has really helped me heal so much deeper than any other type of reading I’ve ever had (and I’ve had a lot!) I can’t wait to book more sessions with her!"

Here's What You'll Receive:


  • A comprehensive Akashic Records Manual - 100+ pages of exclusive content about the Soul Journeys® Akashic Records Method, including empowering exercises for your soul’s expansion and alignment (Value of $99)
  • 2-Day Small Group Live Zoom Intensive - You will learn all about the soul, the oversoul, how to access your Akashic Records, how to use your intuitive gifts to access your soul’s information, manifestation in the Akashic Records, working with your Record Keepers, discovering your soul’s purpose, asking the right questions, and SO much more (Value of $2,000)
  • Class Recordings - All training calls will be recorded so that you can return to and re-listen to the information again and again! (Value of $750)
  • ENDLESS Inner Shifts!!! Connecting to your Akashic Records will truly change your life. Need I say more? (Priceless)



  • Guided Meditation - Allow me to guide you into your Akashic Records through this powerful and expansive meditation only available through this program! (Value of $79)
  • 60 Minute Live Q&A Zoom Call - 1 month after the intensive, we will meet together again so that you can receive answers to any questions that may have come up as practice accessing your Records (Value of $500)
  • Private Access to a special Facebook Group for this class as well as the Soul Journeys® Facebook Group- connect with the global Akashic Records community and find practice partners and new friends all over the world!  (Priceless) 


Total Value for Level 1 Training - $3,428

If you are ready to access the divine power of your own Akashic Records, sign up for my next class today!


 When: February 21, 22, & 23 from 6pm-9pm EST

Live Participation is Recommended but Not Required!

Where- Live on Zoom, Link to Follow

Levels 2 & 3 will be taught in late spring 2023







2 monthly payments of $465


LEVELS 1, 2, & 3




LEVELS 1, 2, & 3


3 monthly payments of $767


Sign up for ALL 3 LEVELS and SAVE $669!

Remember- you cannot access the Akashic Records of others if you sign up for Level 1 alone.

This is a GENEROUS offer for those of you who are ALL IN and desiring to fully commit your time and energy to both learning to read the Records for yourself AND the Akashic Records for others.