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Beginning in January 2024...

As a Trauma-Informed Expert in the Akashic Records, I can’t wait to take you on a divine journey to discover the Book of Your Soul as you learn to read the Akashic Records for yourself and others.

The Akashic Records is one of, if not the most, profound modality I have come across in my spiritual practice. This modality has allowed me to created a thriving 6 figure spiritual business, find deep healing in both my soul and in my body, foster my long-term relationship, and meet incredible friendships that will last a lifetime. I have also facilitated hundreds of hours of Akashic Records Readings for clients whose results have been nothing short of miraculous.

Now, I can’t wait to teach you how to access your own Records through my exclusive Emily the Mystic Methodology! From the deepest depths of my heart, my soul's wisdom, and in full integrity, I bring you a modern method that will help you understand the ancient gifts of your soul. You will learn not only how to access your own Record, but also gain Certification towards becoming an Akashic Record Consultant to help others by using your own divine gifts.

Your Certification Journey

This is a 12 Week Live Virtual Mentorship, Course, and Certification

Level 1 ⭐ Akashic Records for the Self

Week 1 - What the Records are, History of the Soul, Purpose of the Records, Channeling Your Prayer, Using Your Psychic Gifts, Opening the Records

Week 2 - How to use the Records for Healing, Setting Intentions, Healing Past Lives + Past Life Regression, Cutting Cords and Clearing Soul Contracts

Week 3 - Healing from this Lifetime-  Healing from Trauma, Meeting the Inner Child and Inner Teenager

Week 4 - Manifestation, Discovering What the Heart Wants, & Aligning to Future Timelines

Level 2 ✨ Akashic Records for Others

Week 5 - Resistance in the Records & Navigating Subtle Client Energy and Client Psychology

Week 6 - How to Open and Access a Client’s Records, Asking Clear Questions, Identifying Client Blocks

Week 7 - How to Help Your Clients Heal- Practicing Past Life Healing, Regression, Inner Child Healing, and Quantum Healing Techniques

Week 8 - Akashic Records in Business, How to Price + Market Your Sessions

Level 3 ✨ Advanced Akashic Knowledge

Week 9 - Cosmic & Galactic Records

Week 10 - Handling Money + Business Focused Client Sessions 

Week 11 - Handling Relationship, Family, + Health Focused Client Sessions

Week 12 - Completion, Practice, Integration

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Megan Patterson

"I completed my full Akashic Records Training and Certification with Emily Lewis. I searched and researched several Akashic Records Trainings and decided to learn with Emily because her depth of knowledge, wisdom, and maturity about the subject matter and other spiritual domains was deeply attractive to me. Emily has so much information on her YouTube and website that I checked out prior to signing up with her, that I felt as if I already knew her style and had a connection with her. She is warm and approachable and very easy to work with on abstract and vulnerable topics within spirituality. Emily spends time getting to know you and pushes/challenges you to grow through her belief in you and Akashic Records. She makes herself available to clients and I feel 100% supported by her even after completing her training. I would highly recommend Emily Lewis if you are interested in Akashic Records readings or training. She has been a wonderful teacher and I look forward to continuing my spiritual journey and expansion with her in the future!"

Jackie Gorcyca

"Emily has a safe, expansive, and grounded teaching style. She weaves her own real world experiences into each lesson that elevates the value of this course - you not only learn how to access the Akashic Records, you also get a masterclass in working with clients. Her approach naturally builds the confidence of her students and helps break down any limiting beliefs that emerge along the way. The course is designed to include practice sessions which means each time you meet as a group you’re not only learning new material, you’re also receiving healing in your own Akashic Records from both Emily and the other students in an energetically safe container. I’m so grateful for my experience with Emily and the Akashic Records course. If you’re ready to expand to the next level of your life, this course is for you!"

Stefanie Kuonen

"I recently came across the Akashic Records in a documentary. It spiked my curiosity and led me to my first reading with Emily. Emily was absolutely wonderful! She explained the process, answered all my questions, and made me feel comfortable throughout our session. I received some profound insights on my purpose, future, and things holding me back. With Emily's guidance, we cut some cords and healed some deep issues. I actually felt different afterward. It’s incredible how quickly she got to the root of my problem, better than months of therapy!! I decided to take the Akashic Record training with Emily because of my readings with her, and it really expanded my intuitive abilities and increased my confidence. Learning to read Records for others has helped me begin my own spiritual business."

Alexandra Mandato

"WOW. Taking the Akashic Records Training with Emily was absolutely amazing. I knew from my reading with Emily that eventually I would want to learn from her and was divinely guided to take the training class. I absolutely loved all 3 levels and Emily's experience and insight is invaluable. I am so thankful for the time and energy Emily has put into teaching us through my full certification! She is a very gifted healer and teacher and I am thankful for the experience to learn from her!"

Shirley Newman

"All I can say is, what an enjoyable experience it has been, Emily is such a passionate caring person she puts 100% into supporting and teaching her students. Emily delivered this Akashic Records training in such an easy and understandable way, explaining the Akashic Records in a way that was easy to understand. I would and shall recommend this course and Emily to everyone as she made it such an enjoyable memorable learning experience for everyone."

Heather Fox

"I cannot speak highly enough about the Akashic Record Training. The content was in depth, yet concise, which made it easy to learn a vast amount of information in a meaningful way. After taking the training, I feel I have a thorough understanding of the Akashic Records, and how and when to use them. I plan to use this training for myself as I continue to evolve on my journey as well as with future clients."

Why Access the Akashic Records?

 ✨ 1. Learn to study the soul ✨

You will learn incredible information about the soul’s ascension process and journey through life and will leave with an invaluable perspective and an expanded conscious awareness about who you are + who you came here to be.

2. Heal from all lifetimes ✨

You will learn an incredible tool that you have access to for life to help you heal no matter what comes your way. You will learn to heal from past lives, your childhood in this lifetime, your past trauma, and will have tools to help you navigate anything that comes up for you for the rest of your time here on earth.

3. Master your psychic gifts ✨

The Akashic Records will blow your psychic and intuitive gifts wide open and you will learn how to use them in a practical and tangible way that will change your life and the lives of your clients.

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Here's What You'll Receive:

⭐ 12 Week Virtual Group Mentorship held weekly live on Zoom beginning in January 2024. We will select a group day and meeting time that works best for everyone. Weekly meetings will last approximately 2 hours.

⭐Class Recordings - all weekly calls will be recorded with lifetime access so that you can return to and re-listen to the information again and again! 

Virtual Course Access - supplemental videos, PDFs, and meditations will be included with each weekly training

Access to a Private Group Voxer Chat - connect with other members of your Akashic Records Training Cohort, ask questions, share experiences, and receive all program communication


⭐ 3 Live Q&A Calls - live access to me for all of your burning Akashic Records questions, held after each Level of training

⭐ Meditation Library Access - get access to my library of 20+ meditations that is normally reserved for my Membership + Private clients

ENDLESS Inner Shifts!!! - connecting to your Akashic Records will truly change your life. Need I say more? 


If you are ready to access the divine power of your own Akashic Records, sign up for the 12 Week training!

This training begins in January 2024 and we will select a weekly day and meeting time that works best for the group as a whole.


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