Your Light Language is Ready to Come through...


The next cohort begins May/June 2024...

Your Light Language is as unique to you as your fingerprint. Your Light Language is unlike anyone else's on this planet. Light Language is your own cosmic portal to embodying higher dimensional consciousness and higher wisdom that is ready to channel through you... and help you become a manifestation magnet.

I've been guided to help you discover just what your own unique Light Language is and how to work with it in your own life. By learning to channel your Light Language, you're going to clear your channel SO quickly, raise your vibration, and bridge the gap between heaven and earth in your own life.

And so... I created this incredible group course + mentorship to help you learn how to channel, integrate, and embody yours.

I'm Ready!

Channeling my Light Language Has Helped Me...

✨ Become a manifestation magnet

✨ Cultivate a loving and nourishing relationship with my body

✨ Clear my channel and become even better at my craft as an intuitive and an Akashic Records Practitioner

✨ Increase my discernment and deepen my connection with my spirit guide team, especially my cosmic and galactic guides

Fully trust and surrender to the Universe, knowing that I am supported every single step of the way

✨ Help my clients heal in a deeper and more powerful way, receiving incredible results from healing sessions with me

Who this is for...

✨ Spiritual souls who have some experience working with their intuitive, psychic, channeling, meditation, or mediumship gifts (this is NOT a beginner intuitive course... please check out my Intuition Activation Academy for that!)

✨ Intuitives who are yearning for "what's next" on their journey... perhaps you've been trained in other modalities and are ready for something new or have been curious about Light Language for awhile and are ready to work with yours!

✨ Practitioners and spiritual leaders who are ready to take their own gifts and their client sessions to the next level (however, it is NOT required to have a business to join this course!)

The Sacred Template….

The next cohort begins May/June 2024!

We will be meeting weekly for 6 weeks on Zoom and will pick a day and weekly meeting time that works best for the group.

Week 1 -  Introduction + Clearing Your Channel

Week 2 - Grounding into Your Body

Week 3 - Discovering Your Cosmic + Galactic Connections

Week 4 - Opening Your Channel to Receive

Week 5 - Learning to Channel + Use Light Language with Intention

Week 6 - Special Activations + Applying Your Light Language to Your Life

What You Will Create…

💫 a deep knowing of who you are at a soul level and an understanding of your unique, authentic, soul gifts

💫 a deep connection to your Higher Self, your spirit team, your galactic guides, and your channeling gifts

💫 ability to channel Light Language in a method and manner unique to you and your soul (whether that be through sound, tone, body movements, written work, art, etc. the possibilities are endless)

💫 a clear channel and a raised vibrational frequency, becoming a magnet for your desires

💫 ability to channel Light Language with intention for specific purposes (i.e. healing, manifestation, energy clearing, etc.)

💫 a deep sense of trust and surrender in your body as a cosmic channel for the divine

What you receive…

✨ 6 Week Virtual Group Course + Mentorship

✨ Channeled Light Language Activations from Emily, not available anywhere else

 Group Voxer chat for navigating this unique modality with the support and reassurance of others

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The mentorship will re-open in May/June of 2024.

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I can't wait for you to discover your Light Language 💫