Ep. 25 Fitness Witchcraft, Intuitive Nutrition, and Witchy Wellness w/ Emily Flood

In this mystical guest episode, Emily interviews Emily Flood from Austin, Texas who is a Druidic High Priestess & the founder of Fitness Witchcraft which helps witches to lose weight after trauma using depth psychology aligned body energetics. Her clients lose weight, release chronic pain, binge eating, PTSD, & more all while tapping into their spirit guides & magic. I can’t wait to introduce you to this magical soul who is a master of all things Fitness Witchcraft! You’ll hear all about her recent Druidic Priestess initiation, her connection with the Morrigan, and how her spiritual journey has led her to create a movement around Witchy wellness, nutrition, and exercise. You’ll get to hear Emily’s perspective on chronic pain, trauma, and regulating the nervous system all while learning fun spiritual practices and a sacred connection with your spirit guide team. We talk about reframing your relationship with food and exercise, and how to use the power of your intention to shift your energy around food and fitness. Emily also shares her perspective on weight loss and the reasons why it may be difficult for you to lose weight. This episode is chock full of witchy tips and guidance for your health and fitness journey, I know you’re gonna love this conversation as much as I did!


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