Ep. 24 Believing in Yourself, Growing in Confidence, + Finding Passion in Your Work Again

A new solo episode from Emily! In this episode, to celebrate the first half of 2024, Emily recaps the last 6 months and her journey of personal and self evolution. She details how the eclipse season in fall of 2023 forced her into a deep portal of transformation when she was feeling low energy, trapped in her current business circumstances, was bored, and felt like she lacked that passion for life and business. Emily talks about how she was guided to start her own Akashic Records Certification and how leaning into the belief system: “I am an expert in my field” helped her grow in confidence to be able to do so. She dives into information about her saturn return, and how she felt held back by social media and had so much fear about creating a community. You’ll learn how she started this podcast at the beginning of 2024, started teaching her own Akashic Records Certification, and how going off on her own has been one of the most empowering experiences in her time as a business owner. Emily also shares how she grew her Instagram following from 3k-14k followers in just a few months, and her guidance for growing your own and becoming more visible on social media. There is so much wisdom jam-packed into this episode of Emily’s reflections that you don’t want to miss out!


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10k Vibes Instagram Mastery for Spiritual Entrepreneurs: https://www.emilythemystic.com/offers/r7WYbeGn

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