Ep. 23 Manifesting Big Leaps, Being Open to Receiving, and Enjoying Life More w/ Raven Brinson

In this mystical guest episode. Emily interviews her dear friend Raven Brinson. Raven is a voice actor and entertainment media host with more than a decade of professional experience in the radio, TV, and digital commercial industries. She’s hosted live and nationally syndicated radio shows on iHeartRadio and Audacy, voiced commercials for international brands such as Volkswagen® USA and WeWork, and interviewed some of your favorite musical artists, like Coldplay, Nelly, Meghan Trainor, Sabrina Carpenter, Charlie Puth, and more. Raven is also the creator, executive producer and host of Astrocandy, a weekly podcast that supports self-exploration and discovery through spiritual and mystical topics like astrology; holistic healing and wellness; manifestation; mindfulness and meditation; human design; chakra balancing and more. Raven’s mission is to lead thought-provoking conversations with experts and guests in the hopes of encouraging listeners on their journey of self-discovery. You will hear Raven and Emily dive deep into their thoughts and reflections on manifestation and life. You will learn about how Raven manifested her big move to LA and all of the steps that unfolded along the way. We talk about letting go of the belief system around working hard, and how being more open to life and rest can open you up to manifestation and abundance. We dive into shifting your energy, opening yourself up to receiving, and the divine timing aspect that is crucial to manifestation. Let this episode be the cue you need to take a day off, rest, relax, and enjoy the beginning of the summer season!


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