Ep. 21 Herbalism, Energy Vampires, and Shamanic Practices w/ Julie Campione

In this mystical guest episode, Emily interviews her dear friend and past client Julie Campione. Julie is an Energy Revitalist Coach and Medicine Woman from Ventnor, NJ who helps clients restore their energy from challenging life experiences or relationships through intuitive energy healing techniques, shamanic soul retrievals and shamanic extractions, entity and vampiric energy release, chakra yoga for healing, astrology guidance and herbal allies so that they can expand their consciousness and feel empowered, free and come back to their best version of themselves. She is the creatrix of Revitalize Your Soul Apothecary which can be found on Etsy, her website, and at local South Jersey craft fairs and healing arts expos. We dive deep into Julie’s healing journey, from being diagnosed with Celiac Disease, to completely detoxing her body and her life and how that led to her spiritual awakening journey. We talk about herbs that support the body with healing, as well as using a caster oil pack for detoxing (as always, listen to your body and speak with a medical practitioner before trying any new health practice). We dive into Vampiric Spirits and Julie’s journey of releasing the vampiric people in her life, changing her people pleasing tendencies, and learning how to clear vampiric spirits for clients. Finally, we dive into her work as a shaman, soul retrieval, and journey work. There is SO much guidance and information packed into this juicy episode, don’t miss it!


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