Ep. 19 Divine Creatorship and Gridworking w/ Jennifer Spor

In this mystical guest episode, Emily interviews her dear friend and fellow Akashic Records Practitioner Jennifer Spor. Jennifer is the CEO and Founder of her namesake company and Host of Path of the Awakened Heart podcast from Idaho. She is a Spiritual Advisor, Channel, and Akashic Records Trauma Informed Master Consultant and Teacher for High Achieving Conscious Women Leaders who are here to live unapologetically expressed in their Truth and fulfill their highest destiny in this life, soul-led. Jennifer dives into her story from being a corporate leader in the retail world, to quitting her job and driving across the country to reconnect with herself. From there, she dove headfirst into her spiritual journey and never looked back! We talk about courage and bravery when it comes to taking a leap into the unknown, following your own inner guidance, being a clear channel, and daily spiritual practices to support your divine journey. Jennifer shares tactical and tangible guidance for reconnecting with yourself and your body, following your inner compass, and listening to your divine guidance team. We also talk about gridworking and Jennifer’s path to channeling the divine codes of creation (book coming soon). This episode is chock full of great advice and tips for taking the leap, living your most aligned life, and following a path that is so authentic to you and your soul.


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