Ep. 16 Change Your Frequency, Change Your Life w/ Andrew Rowe

In this mystical guest episode, Emily interviews Andrew Rowe. Andrew is a limiting belief expert and spiritual mentor that specializes in helping his clients reconnect with their Authentic Selves and experience an abundant life through the process of Inner Alchemy and Source Recall. You will learn all about how Andrew navigated his dark night of the soul including grappling with addiction, his religious beliefs, his sexuality, and grief and how that journey has led to who he is today as a spiritual mentor and teacher. Emily and Andrew discuss the process of healing your trauma, letting go of the false self, and re-connecting with your inner child in order to start discovering who you really are. Andrew believes that we are all Source incarnated in a human body, and that we are all our own universe. As we live in a vibrational reality, we discuss how as you change your frequency and your beliefs, you begin to see how your reality begins to shift around you. This is truly a quantum approach to manifestation that will blow your mind! You will leave this episode with so many profound insights about your own journey and how you are truly the creator, at every moment, of your life. 


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