Ep. 9 March Energy Forecast: Piscean Energy, Major Momentum, Going with the Flow, and Eclipse Season Begins

In this episode, Emily unpacks the collective themes for the energy of March that you can expect for the month ahead! This is a collective energy forecast that Emily channeled through the Akashic Records. As with all channeled information, take what resonates with you and leave the rest. Some of the themes for the collective energy in March include:

  • Following the current of life and going with the flow
  • Surrendering to your path
  • Tapping into your Queen of Cups Energy
  • Major momentum and progress when Aries season begins
  • Focusing your energy and intention towards your goals
  • Finding balance in all areas of life
  • Info on the 3/10 Pisces New Moon and the 3/25 Libra Lunar Eclipse


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