Ep. 8 Soul Blueprint: Navigating Your Soul Purpose Journey

In episode 8, Emily shares her perspective on soul purpose and the soul’s incarnation plan. Emily views purpose as being an internal concept, something that you find inside of you and not something that you go searching for throughout the course of your life. You will learn about how Emily understands the soul’s purpose and how that contributes to what you’re meant to do here on this planet. She dives into the Soul Blueprint which is the energetic makeup of the soul and the different parts that contribute to it: your soul essence, your soul purpose, your soul missions, and your soul gifts. This episode is designed to be an activation to help activate you and your consciousness to understand yourself better at a soul level and discover what your next steps may be on your own purpose journey. You will leave with profound insights and understandings about your own purpose, and how to discover what your purpose may be during this lifetime.


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