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Welcome to my first ever fully channeled galactic group experience that will blast you off in ways you never thought possible.

This experience was designed for New Earth Spiritual Leaders who know that they’re here to change the trajectory of this planet during the Age of Aquarius and lead with mission and impact in their community.

This is a fully live channeled mentorship experience customized to the unique needs of the group, if you are part of the tribe, know that you will receive EXACTLY what you came here for. Prepare for your purpose here on this planet to become crystal clear, and for your gifts to expand in incredible ways like you never thought possible.

YOU are a Star Warrior.

I'm Ready!

This is a fully channeled mentorship experience designed to…

✨Open up your galactic gifts and your own divine channel and unlock your cosmic and galactic DNA in 8 weeks

✨ Introduce you to different cosmic and galactic groups and discover your galactic and star origins, meet your star family, and get deeper clarity on your Starseed mission and purpose on this planet

✨ Receive codes and energetic upgrades to your system that will unlock possibilities for your life beyond anything you could imagine

✨ Receive downloads and activations to upgrade your Starseed body in the most joyful way, feel lighter and more free, and open up your psychic, healing, gridworking, telepathy, alchemy, and/or crystalline gifts to the next level

✨ Connect so deeply with who you are and begin to live your most authentic life possible, without fear of what others will think. Being a Starseed will be part of your normal life and daily vocabulary

Who this is for...

🌙 New Earth Leaders who are ready to do the work needed to help change the trajectory of this planet (this does NOT mean you need to be a business owner… no matter what you do in life, if you resonate with being a leader in some capacity, this is for you! More info below)

Intuitives who are ready to upgrade their gifts and discover a whole new galactic realm, their galactic guides, cosmic connections, and open up their channel to the next level

🤍 Fully awake Starseeds who feel drawn to working with the galactic realm and are being called home to the stars, to get to know themselves on an intimate level, and expand their capacity to receive more from their guides

What does it mean to be a New Earth Leader?

As our planet changes, evolves, and ascends, we need awakened Starseeds like you to lead us through these changes in all areas of life. Whether you’re a stay at home mom, an entrepreneur, a corporate badass, a massage therapist, a teacher, a fitness professional, or in any other walk of life, you are leading through your unique gifts and your energetic frequency. You are already making an impact on the people in your life more than you know. This container is designed to help you deepen into your purpose and your authentic uniqueness, and how that will help you impact your community on a greater scale. You will be discovering in this mentorship what being a New Earth Leader means uniquely to you. The tribe needs you, and we can’t wait to meet you!

Meet your Tribe Leader...

Emily Logan Lewis, aka Emily The Mystic, is an Intuitive Mentor, an Akashic Records Expert Practitioner + Teacher, an intuition development coach, and a galactic channel. She’s on a mission to soften shadow work and help “old souls” heal, as well as reclaim their intuitive gifts, manifest their dreams, and experience the most joyful life while doing it. Emily considers herself to be a New Earth Leader, and knows that it's part of her purpose to wake up Starseeds like you to their most divine potential. Throughout the course of her spiritual business career, Emily has channeled over 25+ different galactic groups, has led a fully channeled Light Language Mentorship and an Akashic Records Certification Program, and has facilitated thousands of hours of Akashic Records Readings to connect her clients to their Starseed origins and galactic connections.

Who you will hear from…

What you will receive…

8 Week Fully Channeled Live Group Zoom Calls (which will include coaching, mentoring, channeled guidance, messages, activations, Akashic energy healing, community, and soo much more)

Supplementary materials as needed to navigate the material as it comes through in the course

Access to Emily’s ancient wisdom and knowledge and a front row seat to her gifts and guidance

Group Voxer chat for navigating this unique experience and questions in between group calls

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Client Testimonials

I can’t wait for you to unlock your cosmic DNA with me 👽