Before I created my intuitive business, Emily the Mystic, I was a hard-working, intuitive, and empathic soul in the corporate world… just like you!


I worked for over 5 years for a Fortune 500 Retail Company, with a long commute, crazy hours, an intense travel schedule, and endless responsibilities.

While I was working in my corporate job, I struggled to speak up and find my voice. I literally felt like I had a something stuck in my throat when I spoke at work, which stopped me from asking for what I truly needed and desired. I was also completely disconnected from my own sense of self-worth, and did not see, sense, or feel my worthiness in the workplace. This resulted in me unconsciously allowing my management team and colleagues to walk all over me, disregard my boundaries, and give me undesirable job placements and responsibilities. If I had been truly connected to my own self worth, my inner power, my voice, and my mission on this planet, I know deep down in my soul that I would have manifested the promotions, raises, and recognition that I so desperately desired. I would have navigated the intensity of my job with a sense of ease and flow. And, I would have made a greater impact on my team, my colleagues, my customers, and the people who I was called to serve at that time.

And so… I was guided to create Your Time to Shine as a divine mentorship to empower you to do just that. During the course of 3 months together, we will get clear on your mission and purpose as an intuitive and an inspired corporate leader. We will work with your Higher Self and your Akashic Records Support Team to help you connect to the inner well of power within to help you see what’s blocking you from fully embodying your sense of self worth. We’ll get to the root of what’s holding you back from fully being seen, heard, and witnessed in your workplace so that you can truly SHINE and call to you the recognition, respect, and admiration that you deserve. Along with that, my intention for you in this mentorship is to open yourself up to receive the divine abundance available to you in your workplace- whether that be an aligned promotion, income raise, bonus, or an entirely new position. 

We need sensitive, strong, empowered, and awake souls like you in the corporate world to spread your light and your unique energy frequency! 

Your contribution to your workplace is of the highest frequency of service to this planet and I am so grateful to you for stepping up to do this work. I know that during our time together, you will find a greater sense of ease and joy in the work that you do, you will feel energized by your responsibilities, and you will recognize the importance of the impact that you’re making on a daily basis.

This mentorship is for you if…

✨You are a spiritually awakened soul in the corporate world or working a full or part-time career (this mentorship is not meant for entrepreneurs or aspiring business owners)
You aspire to create a greater impact on your team, your workplace, your colleagues, your customers, and the world at large
✨ You deeply desire more recognition, admiration, and abundance in your career
✨ You need tools above and beyond traditional talk therapy to help you manifest your goals and desires
✨ You feel excited by the idea of opening your intuitive gifts but have no idea where to get started
✨ You are looking for a mentor who understands YOU as an awakened, intuitive, and empathic soul

You may currently be feeling…

👉 Stressed out, anxious, burnt out, or exhausted at work

👉 Saddened that all of your hard work and efforts are going unnoticed 

👉 Frustrated that you can’t seem to get your point across, ask for what you need, or articulate your thoughts and opinions clearly at work

👉 Irritated that your income does not reflect the hours, energy, and effort that you pour into your position and your projects

👉 Disappointed that you’ve put so much time and effort into your current position, but there is very little movement and it seems like your effort is going nowhere

👉 Annoyed that other people on your team seem to get more recognition, awards, or promotions faster or more often than you

My intention for you in this membership is to...

🎉 Align to your soul’s mission and purpose and feel inspired and energized by your corporate job or professional career

🎉 Deeply embody your sense of self worthiness and deservingness so that you can receive the recognition, admiration, and abundance that you desire in your career

🎉 Connect to your voice and your truth, so that you can be seen, heard, and understood by your team, your boss, and your colleagues

🎉 Unlock your intuition, so that you can make impactful decisions at work with ease and grace

🎉 Channel your leadership energy and inner power so that you can show up and fully SHINE 

What You Will Receive...

Twelve, 1 hour, Zoom Akashic Records Coaching & Mentorship Sessions

This is where the magic happens- we will work with your Higher Self and your Akashic Records Support Team to get to the root of what’s holding you back in your career, shift the energy, and give you actionable guidance for making decisions to move you forward

Sessions will be spread out weekly over the course of 3 months. We may take a week or 2 off during the course of our time together for integration, travel, or personal circumstances. You receive 12 sessions total during this mentorship.


Twelve weeks of Voxer coaching with me

Voxer is a free voice chat and messaging app that allows us to stay in contact in between sessions. You can use this app for questions in between sessions, advice for work situations, feedback on work projects, guidance on conversations with your boss and management team, help on navigating your weekly responsibilities, etc.


Access to my library of meditations

Meditation is an incredibly powerful tool that can help you shift energy in a moment. You will receive access to my daily and nightly meditations as well as meditations to meet with your divine guidance team. 


What is the investment?

Please book a consult call to discuss!


Not sure if this mentorship is right for you?

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