Mystical Offerings

Quantum Energy Healing and Cord Cutting Sessions

Mystical Offerings

Quantum Energy Healing and Cord Cutting Sessions 

Galactic Star Energy Healing

Quantum 5D Healing Sessions

Welcome to the next generation of multi-dimensional, quantum, energy healing technology! This is not reiki energy; however, it is a 5D energy healing that I was activated to by Source and my Angels and Guides on the 2020 Winter Solstice.

This energy healing will completely cleanse and clear your aura, energy, mental, physical, and emotional bodies, and all of your chakras from any astral debris, earthbound spirits, and energetic blocks (from childhood, trauma, past lives, future timelines, etc). It will also activate your "galactic star" (also called a merkaba) to open your consciousness to its full multi-dimensional capacity and allow your intuitive gifts to fully drop in.

This is a virtual Zoom session. You will receive 30-40 minutes of energy healing + a 20 minute debrief for a session that lasts about 1 hour. You will leave feeling so grounded, relaxed, calm, and ready to move forward, knowing that all of your energetic blockages have finally been released.

$277 for a 1 hour session


This session is also available for children under the age of 18. Not only will they receive the calming benefits of having their chakras balanced, but you will also receive unique information about your child that will deepen your understanding of who they are at a soul level.

Your child does not need to be present for this session.

$177 for a 1 hour session


Cord Cutting Sessions

Heal & Release Past Relationships & Events

Did you know that you form an energetic cord of attachment to all significant relationships in your life? That's right! And we don't just form cords of attachment to people, we can also have negative cords of attachment to situations, events, things, and animals. If you are having trouble letting go of your connection to an old relationship in your life, a memory of an event, or a specific place... you may feel great relief from a cord cutting session.

In a cord cutting session, we will work with your angels and guides to release this negative cord once and for all. If you've ever attempted to do a "cord cutting" video online to cut your own cords... and have not seen or felt much relief... it's because you weren't actually cutting the negative cord of attachment itself. You were cutting the psychic ties to that person or situation which is not a permanent solution. By cutting the negative cord of attachment, you will feel less triggered, bothered, or frustrated by past relationships or situations and this will have a lasting positive impact on your energy and your life as a whole.

You can cut cords with: ex-partners, parents or guardians, siblings, bosses, teachers, mentors, friends, bullies from childhood, locations where you've lived, traumatic events, animals, societal constructs, and so much more. 

I received my training in cord cutting from Anna Sayce's Intuitive Healing Program which is one of the only programs in existance to teach the cord cutting modality (


This is a virtual Zoom Session that lasts 1 hour. Please come to your reading prepared with a list of cords that you would like to cut. We will cut between 1-2 major cords during your session.

$277 for a 1 hour session


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