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July 2022

The Cosmic Kickstarter

My signature psychic development group coaching program

A year ago, I was in your shoes. Feeling lost, alone, overwhelmed. I was going through all aspects of what many call the “Quarter Life Crisis,” that dreaded time period when you’ve been through your post-college entry level job, but you still feel like something’s missing in your life. You feel like you just haven’t found your “thing” yet. You also often feel like an outsider. Sure, you have some amazing friends around you. But still…. you’ve never felt like you quite “fit in.”

So you spend hours on LinkedIn, searching for that magical job posting, hoping that you’ll just stumble upon the one that will sound like your dream job. Hoping that this dream job will finally make you feel like you fit in, that this will be it. That you’ll find your tribe. Everyone on your Instagram Feed makes it look like life is so easy, and you feel like if you were just able to nail that dream job and those dream friends, life would be easy and carefree for you too.

What you don’t realize is that you’re looking in the wrong place.

What if…. the answers were actually inside of you?

Enter... Your Intuition

Your BFF. Your cosmic confidante. The key to unlocking those secrets of your life’s purpose that you’re desperately searching for.

If you’ve never considered your intuition a part of your daily tool kit, it’s time that you do.

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By learning to unlock the powers of your intuition, you will:


Begin to discover the secrets of your soul & your authentic self. Think: new ideas for your future career and/or side hustle business that just “pop” into your head randomly.


Feel truly worthy of all of your dreams and desires. Ya know, like making that 6-figure income you’ve always dreamed about? It’s already on its way to you.


Call in your soul tribe. Seriously, new friends will just pop into your life that you never saw coming. Friends who you have more in common with than you could ever imagine possible.


Call in your soul mate. If you’re not already coupled up, unlocking your intuition is the key to learning self love. Once you fall in love with yourself, your dream partner will be waiting for you just around the corner. No more red flags and endless cringe Hinge dates.

Experience how truly magical life can be. You’ll begin to see signs and synchronicities that have never happened to you before. Think: calling in a parking spot in a major city at a moment’s notice and finding a $20 bill on the ground (true story).

What is the Cosmic Kickstarter?

The Cosmic Kickstarter is a 10 Week Group Mentorship Program. We will meet live weekly on Zoom to learn about the magic of your soul and how to connect to your intuition. Throughout the program, not only will you learn how to unlock your intuition, but you will also learn how to discover your psychic gifts, meet with spirit guides, and use divination tools like Oracle Cards and pendulums.

 We meet weekly live on Zoom on Tuesday evenings at 7pm EST. Join the the waitlist for July 2022!


Of course, with this being a group program, you’ll be connected to your soul tribe of other like-minded spiritual friends who are just like you!


Spiritual friends?!? Can you even imagine???



What's Included:



  • 10 weeks of LIVE Group Zoom Calls that will last approximately an hour & a half. We will pick a weekly time that works best for everyone in the group (a $2400 value)

Week 1 – Unlocking Your Intuition- Your Everyday BFF

Week 2 – Introducing your Psychic Gifts- Meeting the “Clairs”

Week 3 – Working with Spirit Guides, Angels, Ascended Masters, & Your Star Family- Your Spiritual Team

Week 4 – Divination Tools- Oracle Cards, Automatic Writing, Pendulums, & more!

Week 5 – Energy Mastery- Raising Your Frequency to Align to Your Divine Purpose

Week 6 – Psychic & Intuitive Readings

Week 7 - Mediumship 101

Week 8 – Professional Readings- How to Read Intuitively for a Soul-Led Business

Weeks 9-10 – LIVE Practice, Practice, Practice!


  • Private Facebook Group Access to provide you with ongoing support as well as connection to your cosmic friends (PRICELESS)




  • BONUS #1 – 12 Visualization Meditations to Unlock Your Third Eye + Clairvoyant Gifts (a $2200 value)


  • BONUS #2 – Cosmic Kickstarter Course with 24 Video Modules including topics: Cord Cutting, Akashic Records, Energetic Protection of Your Home, Nutrition for Intuition, Moon Rituals, Crystals, & MORE (a $4800 value)


  • BONUS #3 – Recommended Reading List PDF to help you blast off on your journey before the program begins (a $20 value)

What they're Saying

"Emily is absolutely amazing! I did the Cosmic Kickstarter group with Emily and it is life changing! If you are new to the spiritual world, Emily guides you through the terms you need to know and how to open up your gifts. She makes you feel like you can access all of your gifts with ease and she is the most amazing support system!"

- Monica A.

Winter 2021

"If you are interested in developing your intuitive & psychic gifts, RUN don't walk to this program! I finished it a few weeks ago and I'm still reeling from all of the amazingness!! @emilythemystic is a freaking unicorn."

- Chandra

Winter 2021

"The Cosmic Kickstarter was amazing and really beneficial to my business, I've been able to expand my offerings and Emily really set us up for success and gave us the tools & education to keep moving. She gave us so much confidence!! I 100% recommend to anyone who is curious about their gifts. My gifts are so much stronger than I ever imagined, and now I can share them with the world!"

- Margo

Winter 2021

"Looking to take your intuitive gifts to the next level? Emily is your girl and the Cosmic Kickstarter is for you! My favorite part of the course was learning how to read someone's energy from looking at a photograph. I also loved learning about the different types of spirit guides, including runner guides, who can help you find lost things. I also loved the meditations and they encouraged me to go deeper through using my imagination and learning to tap into mediumship. Watching everyone blossom in the class was beautiful."

- Karen H.
Spring 2021

"Where should I begin??? This Cosmic Kickstarter class was literally life changing for me!! I woke up one day and "knew" that I was supposed to be doing mediumship readings. But how and who would help me do this??? By divine intervention, I was led to Emily the Mystic. The Cosmic Kickstarter class was exactly what I needed. I learned so much information on meditation, grounding, crystals, intuition, mediumship, and so MUCH MORE. Plus I got to work together with other women who share similar gifts in an open-minded atmosphere. Thanks Emily, I have been able to grow and expand my abilities in so many ways!! What an awesome experience!!"

- Amanda H.
Spring 2021

"Signing up for the Cosmic Kickstarter was one of the best decisions of my life. I’ve always felt like I was looking outside of myself for answers and often doubting my abilities as a healer but this program changed the game for me. Emily creates such a safe environment to discover  your gifts and facilitates their development in such a fun and empowering way. I walked away from this with not only friendships but also deeper connection to self, my epic spirit team and my mission in this world!

- Lainie D.
Spring 2021

Jessica S. - Spring 2021



Marsela M. - Spring 2021


Cassandra V. - Summer 2021



It's YOUR time to do something for YOU.

When you look at the value, you see that this program is worth well over $5,800. Not to mention the high level of mentoring and support…. I have seen other psychic development programs offered at a similar price that are completely self-guided courses. This is a LIVE Group Coaching Program PLUS a full course and weekly meditations that you won't find anywhere else. I also offer a payment plan option to make sure that paying for this program is possible for everyone.


What are you waiting for?!? Your Spirit Guides are knocking at your door!!!


The Cosmic Kickstarter begins in July 2022




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